Wal-mart Shutting Down Mp3 Store
Yes, the times they must be hard, when you hear headlines like "Wal-mart Shutters Mp3 Store After 7 Years." I never thought that I would hear the words, closing-down and Wal-mart in the same sentence. Here's the real scoop. Although Wal-mart made a run at the "digital" world by s…
Keith Urban Shares His Music
Country music crooner and heart-throb Keith Urban took time from his busy schedule to share his music with the Yahoo community. Check out some of the footage via The Tennessean.
The ACMA’s Are On The Way
The Academy of Country Music Awards show just sent me my second round  ballot. In the first round I could name my top five in each category (and there are about 25 different categories). Now I have to pick only two from each category. It is getting tougher!