Abilene High Band Boosters Partner With Ford to Raise Money
I drove by Abilene High School Saturday afternoon and saw what looked like a couple hundred people standing around a dozen new cars in the main parking lot while the bands percussion section was playing Caribbean music. I stopped and asked, I learned that Ford Motor Company, Arrow Ford and the band…
Men Spend More When Women Are Scarce
Single men who perceive a shortage of available women are more likely to drain their bank accounts in an effort to make themselves appear more attractive to the fairer sex, according to new research on competition in the dating world.
Happy People Live Longer [VIDEO]
It's true, happy people do live longer, 35% longer to be exact. In the study that followed those being researched for 20 years, the study revealed that people with a more positive outlook on life and had healthy positive relationships with their spouses, children, family and friends fared far better…
5 Great Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
It’s tax season, but that also means it's tax return season, too. In 2010, the average return was $3,036. That’s a lot of money to get at one time. With all that extra cash, you might be asking yourself, "How should I spend it?"
Here are few idea…