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Top 10 Mary Chapin Carpenter Songs
The New Jersey native dominated the genre charts in the late 1980s and into the '90s, thanks to a streak of records that featured insightful reflections on love, politics and the human condition.
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Official Music Videos
Mary Chapin Carpenter was a Washington D.C. nightclub singer, until she signed her record deal with Columbia Records in 1987. It wasn't until the early '90's that Mary Chapin saw any real chart success. By 1992 Mary Chapin Carpenter was dominating the charts as well as the country music award shows.…
The Top 5 Songs From the Fall of 1994
Back in the day, when Clay Walker had a No.1 song on the country charts, the very next day he would release a new song. Such is the case in the Fall of 1994 when Clay had two songs at No.1. One at the beginning of Fall and the other at the end of Fall. Walker was mastering the top of the charts and …