Three Year Old Boy Plays Hookie From Preschool
There comes a time when most kids hate school for one reason or the other but it usually doesn't start in preschool.  Don't tell that to little Alfie though he ditched his first day of school and walked back home alone, much to his mothers surprise.
Kids Have a Lot of Opinions on Dubstep [VIDEO]
Dubstep is the hot new dance trend that’s sweeping the internet.
The most popular video, featuring Marquese Scott dancing to a dubstep remix of Foster the People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks,’ has close to nine million views on YouTube. And kids j…
Pee-Wee Football Player Limited On Touchdowns [VIDEO]
A pee-wee league football player is so good the league has limited him to the number of touchdowns he can score in a game. It's a rule that was implemented before Demias by a player who Demias is being compared to, former Razorback QB Madre Hill. The rule is named after him.
Back To School Lunch Ideas [VIDEO]
I remember grabbing my Peanuts lunch box and putting in it, a bologna, ham or peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter and crackers or chicken noodle soup; a frozen Hi-C Punch or Capri Sun and some cookies.  Yep, I made my own lunches!  They weren't the best but they filled me up, for a …
My Baby Has To Get Those New Shoes [VIDEO]
The saga begins a few weeks ago, when my little princess asked me for some new "Bella Ballerina Skechers" that she saw on TV. It was on one of those kid channels. The next time the commercial comes on, she DVR's it, and summons me to sit and watch it, several times. That's when I challenge…

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