Are We Spoiling Our Kids with Gadgets? [POLL]
Every time you turn around there is something new the kids want. A Kindle isn't enough, now they want the Kindle Fire. A cell phone isn't enough now they want the iPhone 4S. The Wii wasn't enough now they want Playstation 3. I had an Atari, didn't get a cell phone until I was …
Batters Up: Time for Baseball
When Spring rolls around it means lots of outdoor activities. Barbeques to Zoo outings. It also means time for baseball season to get underway. Next to basketball, baseball is my favorite sport. Any parent of a young boy probably has already been at the ballpark several times this season.
Divorce Is Harder for Younger People to Handle
While you may think older people would have a tougher time dealing with a marriage falling apart, research actually shows the opposite — younger people who get divorced often suffer more negative health effects than their older counterparts.
Can Praising Kids Actually Make Them Dumb?
The trend in recent years that led parents and teachers to boost children’s self-esteem by rewarding them for doing little other than breathing may soon be over, thanks to new research that says such actions are actually making kids less intelligent.
Cops Called When 12 Year Olds Kiss On Playground
Remember you're first kiss? These 12 year olds will but it won't be favorable. The innocent little kiss on the playground resulted in the school officials calling the police and DCF (department of children and families).
Three Year Old Boy Plays Hookie From Preschool
There comes a time when most kids hate school for one reason or the other but it usually doesn't start in preschool.  Don't tell that to little Alfie though he ditched his first day of school and walked back home alone, much to his mothers surprise.

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