5 Strange Things You Can Buy on Abilene Craigslist Revealed
If you've ever gone browsing the "all for sale" section of Abilene Craigslist, you may get totally lost in the variety of what all is for sale. My latest trip to the site had me finding some things I want to buy, some things I never knew existed, and some things I just thought were cool fo…
What’s The Youngest Age You Can Leave Kids Home Alone?
Summer is here, and the kids are out of school. As working parents know, it's difficult to take the whole summer off in order to stay home with a child. So we're faced with finding other options. Some parents, enrolling their child in daycare. Others will have children stay with a relative or friend…
What’s Your Greatest Source of Frustration?
Politics, sports, waiting at the doctor's office, technology, having your order screwed up at the drive-thru. Whatever the case, we all have things that frustrate us on a regular - if not daily - basis. Some people, like former tennis star John McEnroe and former basketball coach Bobby Knight, have…
My Favorite Olympic Memory [VIDEO]
The Olympics will be getting under way in less than 2 weeks. There has been controversy already; from the USA uniforms to the security being provided by a private company not meeting standards. Once the games are underway no one will remember any of that though. It's all about the sports.
Does Abilene Believe Friday the 13th Brings Bad Luck?
A few days ago, we asked if you were superstitious and thought that Friday the 13th really brings people bad luck. Abilene is pretty split on whether or not they should stay home and hide, or just go about their daily routine. But the final poll results are in.

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