Message in a Bottle Found After 98 Years Adrift at Sea
Many people have written a note, stuck it inside an old bottle and set it on a journey at sea. Sometimes those are never found, who knows where they end up, but on occasion they are found, read and shared with the world. Especially if they happen to be 98 year old messages.
5 Things For Sale on Abilene Craigslist Revealed – Part II
If you've ever gone browsing the "all for sale" section of Abilene Craigslist, you may get totally lost in the variety of what all is for sale. A while back, I decided to go window shopping and report some of the more interesting finds. What I found was so interesting, I had to make a retu…
Local Area 4-H Club to Host 5-Stand Shotgun Shoot
The Callahan County 4-h shooting sports program, will be putting on a five stand shoot, Saturday, September the 8th at the Callahan County 4-H range. You can put your team together or shoot individually. The 4-H club will be offering a "Team 5-Stand", "Individual 5-Stand&a…
Brain Eating Amoeba Linked To Tap Water and Neti Pots?
There always seems to be something to worry about; now it's your tap water. Actually this is especially pointed at those who use neti pots to clear their sinuses. Two people in Louisiana last year were killed by primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) and the CDC is warning against the use o…

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