Abilene A&M Club Golf Classic Coming Up June 29th
This is the 11th year for the Abilene A&M Club to hold the golf classic. Money raised from the tournament will provide funds for 12 students currently enrolled at Texas A&M University to continue their education. If you've ever been to college or have a kid in school then you k…
Have You Ever Lied to Get a Job? [POLL]
The job market is very tight these days. Those that get the jobs are lucky. Sometimes they are great jobs sometimes they are just to get you by until you can get a better one. Most employers want to hire good, honest, hard working folks. Is that you?
“Her Expo” Comes to Abilene, June 30th
If there is one thing ladies like to do it's shop and spend the day thinking about only herself. The "Her Expo" is the perfect place to do that and best of all it's all in one place. There will be much to see from lots of vendors so check out the details and don't m…
Who is the Greatest Texas Artist of All Time? [POLL]
A few days ago, I asked who you believe is the best Texas music artist of all time. We had great response to this question, and got into some very spirited and intelligent conversation on the radio and online. Thanks to everyone who shared their opinions and the reasoning behind them.
Who is the Greatest Texas Artist of All Time?
Make no mistake about it, the state of Texas is a melting pot for music of the world. The Lone Star State is home to some of the greatest music of all genres. From country and western swing music, to blues, rock and heavy metal. From tejano to americana, even hip hop and rap, Texas welcomes it all w…

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