Stand Up Paddleboarding Becoming Latest Sports Craze
As I was reading my current issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife I ran across a new sport that is gaining in popularity and is not just for the beach. It's called stand up paddle boarding or SUP. It seems this is becoming the fastest growing part of paddling sports. It's great exerci…
Texas’ First Bourbon Distiller Visits Abilene [AUDIO]
Texas' first bourbon distiller, Dan Garrison was in Abilene this week, drumming up business for his 'Fine Texas Bourbon Whiskey'. Being that his distillery in Hye Texas is the first and only, bourbon distillery to be built in the United States since prohibition, I invited him to come on the radio s…
Shay’s First Day On-Air as a DJ
People will ask me "what do you do?" When I tell them I'm a radio DJ, the response is always the same "that's sounds like so much fun, I wish I had a fun job." Yes, it is fun, but it was quite nerve wracking when I first started.  Here's my fir…
West Texas Bead Market in Abilene This Weekend
If you are an arts & crafts person like me and especially if you like to make your own jewelry then I have an event for you this weekend. The West Texas Bead Market will be at the Abilene Civic Center with tons of beads to help complete your projects.
Who is the Best Vampire? [POLL]
It seems their are an exceptional amount of vampires among us, in fact, a new vampire movie was released this weekend "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". The movie has Lincoln hunting down vampires who have invaded the United States. I'm not much on vampires but I have actually gotten int…
Singing Wrong Lyrics to a Song Makes Anybody Smile
Saturday my mom and I went to eat and the restaurant was playing country music. Kenny Rogers "Lucille" came on and my mom starts laughing, I asked what was up. She was remembering all the wrong words my brother and I both sang to that song.

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