john michael montgomery

Top 10 Country Wedding Songs
There's no bigger moment in a person's life than the day they exchange vows, and country music is rich with love songs filled with pledges of undying love and devotion, perfect for couples on that most special of days.
John Michael Montgomery – Official Music Videos
John Michael Montgomery began singing with his brother Eddie, who is one-half of the country duo Montgomery Gentry, however Michael went solo in 1992. He has had several songs crossover to R&B and several singles crossed over to the Billboard Hot 100 pop charts. Montgomery has released eleven st…
The Top 5 Songs From the Winter of 2000
In the winter of 2000 the airwaves were dominated by song that was inspired by an e-mail hoax. The writer of the song, Harley Allen had received an e-mail about a little girl who watched her father kill her mother and then turn the gun on himself. The song was recorded by John Michael Montgomery who…

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