10 People You’ll Meet at Your Temp Job
Finding work these days can be pretty rough. Luckily (sort of) we have temp jobs. Even though you probably don't plan on spending more than a few months in the place, that doesn't mean you won't come across the standard office characters...
Facebook Can Now Help You Get a Job
Don't just update your status—update your résumé. Facebook has just released a Social Jobs App that will allow people to search job listings from a multitude of sites like Monster and DirectEmployers.
13 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job
The job market might not be so stellar but that doesn’t mean you have to stay with a company that stifles your creativity, demeans you for their profit or makes you spend long hours away from your loved ones.
But enough about every job that ever existed.
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Why Do Women Perform Better Than Men in Job Interviews?
Jobs interviews are stressful for everyone, but a new study reveals that while women are generally more on edge before meeting with a prospective employer, their interviews went better than those of their male counterparts — mainly because the ladies coped with the stress better.