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New ‘Iron Man 3′ Poster: Meet Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian
With the release of 'Iron Man 3' only a few months away, Marvel has begun rolling out various posters showcasing the highly anticipated film's robust supporting cast. Last week, we got a look at Don Cheadle in his Iron Patriot armor and today, we have a poster starring Guy Pearce, who…
‘Iron Man 3′ Poster Suggests a Dark Ride
Though it may only be the end of January, and it may feel like another big movie season is wrapping up, we're only three months away from the start of the summer season, which means we're nearly ninety days out from 'Iron Man 3.' Which means the advertising blitz is about to star…
Cosplay of the Day: Little Iron Boy
Don't let his height fool you -- this little Iron Boy is just as powerful as his Iron Man counterpart. And probably smarter, too, since he's too young to take up Tony Stark's drinking habits.
‘Iron Man 3′ Casts Radioactive Man as New Villain?
'Iron Man 3' begins production in Beijing today and already there's at least one surprise we've discovered -- the appearance of a new villain for Tony Stark? While speculation about other upcoming superhero flicks like 'Man of Steel' and 'Justice League' have been rumored to feature a hidden villain…

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