It’s Here! Opening Day Of Dove Season In West Texas
It's time for (most) ladies to become "hunting widows".  That's what the women who are non-hunters are called when hunting season rolls around and their husbands leave to sit in the fields and blinds.  I have become a hunter so I go with my man to the field and …
Vegetarian Whitetail Deer Eats Injured Bird [VIDEO]
Okay, as an avid deer hunter I know that all the deer I've ever watched in the wild eat a wide variety of foods, including acorns, corn, clover, apples and wood branches. However watching a vegetarian whitetail deer eat an injured bird had me scratching my head.
Big Country Kids Slay Varmints
The annual Young Sportsman's Foundation youth varmint hunt was a huge success. The weekend hunt brought out a record number of kids and their hunting enthusiast guardians. Killing everything from skunks to feral hogs.
Texas Hogs Gone Wild! [VIDEO]
Okay, so I'm back on my hunting kick. This was brought to my attention by "Shay in the Midday". Yes, every chance I get this one-armed hunter is out there trying to help our West-Texas farmers & ranchers rid of themselves of their wild hog problems.
Coyote Hunting Has Gone To The Dogs [VIDEO]
First off, if you know me, you know I love to hunt. let me make it perfectly clear I LOVE TO HUNT! So when I get a video from one of my hunting buddies on how those Montana boys are hunting coyote with DOGS!.  Let me CAUTION you it is graphic and shows coyotes being killed. You've been war…