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Happy Dreams Daycare for Kids of Horror Movies is a Brilliant Idea
Have you ever wondered who takes care of those kids you see in horror movies during the day? Yeah, me either. However, you will be glad to know that there are non-biased, caring people who are ready to take on the challenge. Here is what a typical day at daycare would look like for these kids.
The Motherhood of Bad Horror – ‘Mama’ Movie Review
Director Andy Muschietti’s supernatural horror film ‘Mama’ is littered with small scares and hair raising sequences, but ultimately is a flawed attempt at a breath of fresh air.
‘Mama’ is the story of two young girls who are taken to a lonely cabin in the woods by their desperate father after he lose…
9 Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen
It's October and you know what that means: hot cider, pumpkin beer, candy corn and of course, Halloween. In the spirit of the holiday here are some creepy and intriguing horror movies perfect for the Halloween season.