29 Signs Your Halloween Was Actually a #StruggleWeen
For kids Halloween is awesome. You get to dress up in cool costumes and there is free candy everywhere, but once you get past the acceptable trick-or-treating age, you start to realize that in the middle of all that free candy, there was a whole lot of #struggle going on.
10 WTF Halloween Costumes
It's October, so we are officially allowed to start talking about our favorite holiday, Halloween. Looking to make a powerful impression this halloween? Here are some tips for choosing the right costume.
World’s Largest Halloween Lego Pumpkin [VIDEO]
The big day is tomorrow, Halloween, and everyone has their costumes picked out, their parties ready to go and the pumpkins carved. How would you like to be in charge of an 850 pumpkin? Legoland California, home of Lego toys, has come up with the world's largest Lego pumpkin to bring awareness…
Ohio University Sponsors Student Protests Of Offensive Costumes
Ohio University is funding the student protests of offensive costumes. These are Halloween costumes that certain students are calling racially offensive. Such costumes might include a terrorist or a Geisha girl. The group goes by the name STARS or Students Teaching Against Racism in Society. Thi…
Power Tools And Pumpkins [VIDEO]
What do you get when you cross power tools and pumpkins? The answer is quite scary. It's as well known fact that I am the original tool guy and I love power tools, I own at least one of every kind. So when the holidays roll around I am the first to say, "hey I'll help decorate just let me go ge…
Cute Halloween Cupcakes For Your Party
My three favorite holidays are Valentine's, Christmas and Halloween. I love the decorations and food. If you have kids then you know these are huge events for school parties too. I just happen to have found some great sites for cupcake ideas. Cupcakes are easy to make and fun to decorate.
2011 Halloween Costume Choices-Shay’s Top 5
Halloween is the second top grossing holiday in the U.S., next only to Christmas. There are parties, costumes, decor, and of course, candy! For kids Halloween costume shopping is a great thrill. I remember spending weeks coming up with ideas and making sure I wasn't wearing the same thing as…