GMO Cucumbers Want To Steal Your Pubic Hair
Are you a cucumber fan? Don't be gross -- what we mean is, do you enjoy a light cucumber sandwich every once in a blue moon, or a couple cukes in your salads? Well listen up-- switch to organic. NOW. We just got word of some awful news; the genetically-modified ones can make your junk bald…
Amp Up That Lip Hair With a Mustache Transplant
Today marks the end of Movember, which sucks. Come tomorrow, our upper lip bushes will no longer be a symbol of our manliness, but rather a suggestion we're one of those creepy dudes who hangs in the dark corner of the strip club in jorts and a leather jacket.
Feathers in Your Hair at the Peddler Show
Okay I did it, I accompanied my wife and daughter to the Peddler show that was in Abilene Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Wow, you can find just about anything in the world at this show. I was doing as any good husband does is, following behind taking in the sights when all of a sudden my daughter the …