‘SNL’ Adds Tina Fey to the Cast of ‘Girls’
'SNL' has never been shy about taking on some of the most popular and controversial topics in the modern world, so it's about time it finally got around to making fun of HBO's divisive 'Girls.' In a fake promo for a new season of Lena Dunham's acclaimed show, guest host Tina Fey and the rest of the …
‘Girls’ Review: “Boys”
Hannah's finally writing a book, while Marnie finds herself in a situation Hannah might be familiar with and Ray and Adam take off on a little adventure in this week's 'Girls.'
‘Girls’ Review: “One Man’s Trash”
Like season one's "The Return," "One Man's Trash" is a Hannah-centric episode, but this one blissfully leans a little heavier on the drama. After last week's stellar episode, 'Girls' is just as fantastic this week, albeit for different rea…

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