This Is the Proper Way to Eat a Hot Dog This July 4th
Part of what's so great about hot dogs is their simplicity. Take them out of their package, put them on a grill and, boom, everybody's favorite summer comfort food.
But using just a skewer and knife, the food wizards at Chow have demonstrated a way to get a lot more out your&…
Taste of Abilene Coming April 3rd
If you like food then Taste of Abilene is the place for you. This coming Tuesday, April 3rd restaurants from around the Abilene area will all be in one place for you sample their fare.
Cop Faces Charges After Stealing Food from Work Fridge
At one point or another, we’ve all fallen victim to the theft of food from an office fridge. In general, most of us chalk it up as a minor annoyance. But police in Deer Park, Texas were so fed up with an office thief that they ran a sting to catch him in the act. And, it turns out, t…
Prefer Fat-Laden Food? Genetics Could Be to Blame
If you frequently crave fatty foods, it may not just be a lack of willpower. In fact, it could be genetic.
Research finds people with certain forms of the CD36 gene — which enables animals to both detect and develop preferences for fat — could prefer less-healthy edibles more than those w…
Super Bowl Menus for You
We all have our favorite football foods but it seems like during the Super Bowl we have a Super Menu to match. From chips and dips, special appetizers to all out feasts for the day. Here are a few foods that generally make the Super Menu and maybe a few new ones you haven't tried.
Cold Cut Stadium Is What the Super Bowl is All About [IMAGE]
What’s the Super Bowl about, really? Unless you’re a supporter of one of the two teams participating (or have a very large wager on the game) even serious sports fans can get caught up in all the chili-baking, party-attending, big-screen-TV-buying hoopla surrounding this unofficial national holiday.
Cool New Baggies Solve Soggy Sandwich Dilemma [VIDEO]
School is about to start, and every year there are those "new items" that every kid just has to have. Remember those shoes with the roller skate heals called Heelys? How about the year every kid had to have their name embossed on their notebooks. Well, this years it's moms and dads that ar…
USDA Plays With The Numbers [VIDEO]
I learned something new today, how to do magic the US governments way. This was "my" initial impression. Here's the scoop, according to a new USDA (US Department of Agriculture) study and website finds that 10% of the country is now in what they labeled, a “food desert”, that's right like …