71 Year Old Man Trying to Evict 98 Year Old Mother [VIDEO]
Hitting the 98 year old mark is usually a pretty joyous occasion , with family and friends around to help celebrate. What you don't expect is to receive an eviction notice on your 98th birthday, and from your son no less. That is exactly what happened to Mary Kantorowski and now the courts wi…
Deputies Would Not Evict 103 Year Old Woman From Home [VIDEO]
It's good to see there is still some decency in the world. Common sense prevailed in this situation. Deutsche Bank wanted a woman and her daughter evicted from their home in Georgia, but when movers and deputies showed up to physically see them leave they discovered the woman was 103 and her d…
Even In Death You Can Be Evicted?
I know times are tough on everyone right now. People are losing jobs and homes, but can you lose your final resting place? You would think that once you're dead all your problems are over but that's not the case for some in Spain.