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Michelle Duggar Suffers Miscarriage Of 20th Child [VIDEO]
Michelle Duggar,45, and her husband Jim Bob were expecting their 20th child in April but have announced that she suffered a miscarriage. They had not picked a name yet but say they will have one chosen before the funeral. All their children's names start with a "J".
20 Jokes About the Duggar Family Having a 20th Child
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have announced they are expecting their 20th child, due in April. The Arkansas couple and stars of TLC’s ’19 Kids and Counting,’ clearly love children, so while they busy themselves sprucing up their nursery yet again, we th…
Duggar Family Adding One More To Make 20 Kids [VIDEO]
They have a reality show on the TLC channel "19 kids and counting" and a new book "A Love That Multiplies" and we've watched them grow more and more and well, now even more! The Duggar's, Jim Bob & Michelle are expecting another child, this will make an even 20 for the coupl…