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iCarly Star Helps St. Jude [VIDEO]
Jennette McCurdy iCarly star over-shot her goal for a St. Jude fund raiser. McCurdy raised over $140k for St. Jude. Jennette McCurdy is considered a Country music artist and Country Cares celebrity.
Cat Fights At Miranda Lambert Concerts [VIDEOS]
So I went looking for raw video of Miranda Lambert concert footage to get a preview of the energy that I will experience at her concert in Abilene. To my surprise I discovered lots of iPhone video of different concerts and the "cat-fights" that Miss Lambert has to stop her show for…
Censor’s Needed For Blake Shelton
The next country music awards show will be the Academy of Country Music Awards and it seems the producers like Blake Shelton.  Problem is...Well, he knows how to cuss and he kinda like says whatever comes to mind at times.
The Ultimate Country Fan Gift Guide
OH NO! I Forgot gifts for fill in the blank. Last minute items that kinda say, "HEY! I found something JUST for you, that you can't buy at any ole store". If the forgotten is a country music fan, you are in the will! The item that caught my eye was the "Kenny Chesney's…