Lilith vs. Mad Moxxi – Cosplay Clash
Lilith didn't even give the Monster Hunter any real time to enjoy her victory before she destroyed her. But Moxxi, a familiar face from Pandora, has stepped up to challenge the Vault Hunter. Who will win between these two Borderlands characters?
Rider (Fate/Unlimited Codes) – Cosplay of the Day
Fighting games are a great source of inspiration for cosplayers, thanks to their colorful casts of characters with varied looks. Today's Cosplay of the Day comes from a fighting game that might be a little obscure, but is great fun to play. Let's check out Rider, from Fate/Unlimited Codes.
Cosplay Column: The Basics of Cosplay
We love our cosplayers here at Arcade Sushi and we thought it would be a great idea to have them participate in special guest columns talking about the world of cosplay. Our first guest writer is Stella Chuu, who is ranked in the top 5 of our Hottest Cosplay Girls list. In this special Cosplay Colum…
Lady vs. Trish – Cosplay Clash
In an upset, Lady stopped Catherine's winning streak and has taken her place as the one to beat in the Clash. The sparks will fly right off the bat as Trish, another Devil May Cry girl, steps up to the challenge.

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