Ayane vs. Bad Girl – Cosplay Clash
It would seem that even with all of Lili's wealth and power, she could not exert enough influence over her fans to take a win away from Ayane in yesterday's Clash. But today's challenger is Bad Girl, from No More Heroes. Can Ayane stand against another girl in a fluffy dress?
Candy Cane (Rumble Roses) – Cosplay of the Day
If you were lucky enough to have played the quirky wresting game, Rumble Roses, then you'd know that the mix of hot women and ridiculous wrestling moves always equals a unique gaming experience. One of these brawling beauties was a wrestler named Candy Cane, who is today's Cosplay of the D…
Natsu vs. Ayane – Cosplay Clash
Well, it was a very close one, but Natsu has won the battle against Naruto's Sakura, managing to win by only one vote. Let's see how close the votes will be when she goes up against fighting game veteran Ayane, from Dead or Alive.

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