How To Make The Best Turkey Ever [VIDEO]
This Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday make a picture perfect turkey, and for the longest time I thought it was not at all possible. I resolved myself to deep-frying and sometimes smoking a turkey because when I baked one it was either too dry, too light or too dark in color. My question was, can I…
What’s For Dinner? Mini Chicken Pot Pies
I don't know about you but I get really tired of the "what's for dinner?" question. " I don't know, I don't really want to think about it so go find something" is usually my response. However, I need to cook at home more so I've found a g…
Taste Of Home Cooking School Comes To Abilene
I'm not a great cook but I'm not a bad cook either, I just like to cook. There are lots of shows on TV to watch and learn from but there is nothing better than to be watching and learning live. You just can't beat the great smells of cooking and baking while you watch. Jamie Dunn with the Taste o…
Cute Halloween Cupcakes For Your Party
My three favorite holidays are Valentine's, Christmas and Halloween. I love the decorations and food. If you have kids then you know these are huge events for school parties too. I just happen to have found some great sites for cupcake ideas. Cupcakes are easy to make and fun to decorate.
What’s For Dinner?
I hate this question!  Why? Because I never know.  I like to cook but at the same I don't because I never have any good recipe ideas or if I do I'm too lazy to do all the work.  I want something good but quick and easy.