Taylor Swift Is Sick Cancels Concerts And Fans Post [VIDEO]
Coughing, stuffy nose, itchy throat, runny eyes, slight fever, yucky aches and pains. Yep! Taylor Swift has bronchitis and was told by her doctor "not to go on with the show". Miss Swift will have to reschedule all her sold out shows. Now, over the holiday weekend she canceled her Louisvil…
Miranda Lambert On The Cover Redbook
Miranda Lambert is everywhere she's coming to Abilene in April to the Taylor County Coliseum and Miranda Lambert graces the cover of April's Redbook. A sneak preview at the photo shoot and excerpts from the cover story are already online.
Brad Paisley’s Onstage Workout [VIDEO]
Today's country artists take their workouts pretty seriously, however Brad Paisley, takes to stretching prior to every live show. He has to to keep from hurting himself  while running up and down the stage night after night.