Do You Feel You Have to Dress Up for Church? [POLL]
I'm a little on the fence on the question of dressing up for church. I was raised that you wore a dress (girls) and slacks (boys), there was no wearing of shorts unless they were
"dressy". We had our "Church Clothes/Sunday Best" and they weren't worn to play in, they were for chu…
Vintage KEAN Clothing Found in Studio Closet
The KEAN 105 engineer was asked to make room for more computers and other stuff that needed to be stored, so he cleaned out the closet adjacent to the KEAN studio and presto there are boxes of vintage KEAN clothing, tons of it.
New Fall Trends To Look For This Year [VIDEO]
Those of you are fashion forward listen up, I've got the 411 on fall trends this year.  From hot colors, to designs, to skirts lengths.  Check out what I found so you don't get those "what is she wearing looks".