Make Prom Better With A KFC Corsage [WATCH]
I thought it was a joke, but apparently it's not. You can actually buy a corsage made out of fried chicken for your prom date. What a time to be alive. Make this prom season awesome.
Rat Meat Sells for More Than Chicken or Pork [VIDEO]
Ushering in the year of the rat in the Chinese culture has taken on a whole new meaning. Many Asian countries are finding that rat meat is in high demand and prices are starting to skyrocket, in many southeast Asian communities, the rare rat meat delicacies sell for more than six dollars a pound. Re…
Lazy Chicken Takes Tortoise for a Ride [VIDEO]
When it comes to getting around, nothing beats the comfort and style of a tortoise. Sure there are faster methods of travel, but how many come with their own driver? Or feature premium tortoise shell styling inside and out? Just one, and that’s why more chickens choose tortoises w…