Go Here: The Weird Chicago Tour
Chicago's may be known as "The Windy City," but who cares about wind, besides oscillating fan enthusiasts, and who cares about them besides their moms? Chicago is also touted as the most haunted city in America, and that's way more awesome. You know what else is awesome? …
Chicago Considers ‘Violence Tax’ on Guns and Ammo
City officials in Chicago are considering a proposed “violence tax” on guns and ammunition in hopes that it will help shade in the gray areas of a $115 million black hole in the city’s budget and police the number of guns in circulation on the streets. This has Second Amendment supporters ticked off…
What’s For Dinner? Roasted Bear
St Paul Minneapolis Minnesota bar owner Blake Montpetit is showing his loyalty for the Green Bay Packers who are playing the Chicago Bears in a playoff game Sunday. His Support/tribute to the Packers and  showing his disdain to the Bears by roasting a black bear over charcoal & hickory.