Hilarious Holiday Chevy Commercials [VIDEOS]
Each year I watch the Super Bowl because I love football and I really love the Super Bowl commercials. Never have I said "I love Christmas because of the commercials", but thanks to Chevy, I can actually say that.
Are You a Ford, Dodge or Chevy Person? [POLL]
With Car-Walk finally here, I have been seeing so many classic cars on the streets of Abilene. Every time I see a really hot car, one question keeps popping up in my head. The one question that car enthusiasts argue over, time and time again. Heck, it even started several fist fights back in my old …
Experts Predict High Gas Prices Could Crush Truck Sales
Experts are predict that the high price of gas could crash truck sales in America. The last time we hit a temporary high on gas prices pick-up truck sale dropped by over 47%. Analysts are predicting that, this time the damage to truck sales my be permanent. Here's some tips when "Buyin…