The Fernandez Family Cats Have Chameleon Like Characteristics
Anyone that knows me knows I love animals so, few years ago my wife Donna showed up with two tailless cats she/we adopted. When I first saw them I named the male Moo and the female Cow. These two have been the source of a lot of great enjoyment and entertainment for our family. It wasn't until Donna…
How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas
All of you who have cats will totally understand this video. We've all tried wrapping presents with pets around, but have you ever tried wrapping the pet?
10 TGIF Memes to Celebrate the Weekend
It's a very special day. It's Friday! In case this terrible, terrible song doesn't quite capture how excited we are for the weekend (we so excited), here are some memes. In case the memes don't adequately express how excited we are for the weekend, just look for the person wearin…

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