Cats vs. Laser Pointers Will Have You Laughing Out Loud
Cats are funny animals. Some are lazy, some are high strung, some are loveable and friendly while others are anti-social. They are very particular animals. Now add in some human hijinks with a laser pointer and you can pretty much drive a cat crazy.
10 Funniest Cat Videos
This list of the 10 funniest cat videos cover many of the outlandish predicaments that these cute and cuddly felines somehow get themselves into.
Dot is Abilene’s Most Affectionate Cat – KEAN Critters
Dot is a black cat that was brought into the Abilene Animal Shelter by her owner who is moving. She's an 8 year old indoor only cat because she's been de-clawed. Shelter Director Aaron Vannoy says "older black cats don’t have much of a chance of being adopted at a shelter, so it's important tha…

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