Tiny Tata Nano Car Coming to the US [VIDEO]
How would you like a small car, only 10 ft long, for $3000? That would be nice if it met all of the US safety standards, but as it stands this little car will triple in price by the time it gets to the states.
The Nano was actually built for the Indian market because of it's small size it is ab…
10 of the Strangest Cars Ever Made
These strange beasts aren’t custom cars built in someone’s garage. The plans for the odd looking motor vehicles featured here were actually drawn up by automobile manufacturers, for the most part, and put together on some kind of assembly line. The actual number produ…
The Latest Concept Cars From Geneva Car Show [VIDEO]
Everyone likes getting a new car and if it's the best, prettiest, fastest, hottest or slickest makes it even better. The latest concept cars have been released and they will make you envious. Check out some of the latest concept cars on display in Geneva.
Most Expensive Luxury Car Pile Up [VIDEO]
So you own a Lamborghini or maybe a Ferrari. They go really fast but do you drive as fast as they will go? You do if you are along with 14 other luxury car owners that have cars as fast as yours. That is what happened in Japan when one car switched lanes causing a massive wreck and probably the m…
Denmarks New Super Sports Car Coming To The US [VIDEO]
Looking for something to put on your Christmas Wish List? How about a new super sports car? Imported from Denmark this car will cost you upward of $1 Million but it sure is a hot looking car. Only 3 will be for sale here in the US so better get to earning some extra cash.
Newest Technology For Your Driving Pleasure [VIDEO]
There's always new technology coming out that seems to make our lives easier. Sometimes that can be good and sometimes it can put people out of jobs. However, in this video these new technologies are for the good. They will help your driving and possibly even keep you from getting a speeding…

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