Terrible Reporter Makes Baby Cry
"Way to go, Dan. Way to make a baby boy cry on live television." Yeah, good job Dan. We especially like how once the baby starts to cry his impulse is to run awaaaaaayy, and then later to cheer the crying kid up with a bit of song and dance.
Stealing Angels’ Tayla Lynn Welcomes Baby Boy
Congratulations are in order for Stealing Angels member Tayla Lynn and her new husband, Jon Finger, who became parents this morning (August 3). The couple went into the hospital Friday morning at 7AM to induce labor so that Mom and Dad could finally say hello to their new son, Tru.
Joe Nichols and Wife Expecting First Child
Country hitmaker Joe Nichols and his wife, Heather, are about to get a visit from the stork, according to People. Nichols, who released his record ‘It’s All Good’ at the beginning of November, has one 13-year-old daughter, Ashelyn, from a previous relationship, …
Awesome Baby Is a Ping Pong Champ [VIDEO]
In this video, a baby sits on a ping-pong table and bats at balls with a killer forehand. If the remarkable accuracy he shows here is any indication, this kid is destined to be an Olympic table tennis star.