The Creeps! — Free App of the Day
Those creeps are up to it again. Seriously, what is their problem? They need to quit being so darn ... creepy. But that's what they do best, so can you really blame them? Really, the best thing to do is to fight back against their creepiness. And the best way you can do this is by getting yourself a…
Amateur Surgeon 2 — Free App of the Day
We can always count on Adult Swim to keep the App Store full of wonderfully demented, addictive games. They have a good streak going, that's for sure. And Amateur Surgeon 2 certainly keeps that streak alive. For the best in discount surgery, look no further than today's Free App of the Day…
Hunters: Episode One — Free App of the Day
Turn-based strategy gamers take note! You can get one of the best of them right now for free. Normally Hunters: Episode One will weigh-in at a robust five bucks. But for a short time, you can nab it for nothing. That right there is reason enough to make it today's Free App of the Day!
Running Dead — Free App of the Day
Is it just us or does it seem like zombies have been doing a lot of calisthenics since the days of George Romero? Every time a zombie pops up nowadays, they move less like Larry Flynt and more like Carl Lewis. These zombies aren't "walking" at all! Anyway. If you can't beat 'em, you might …
Test Your Eyesight With the Superb Vision Test App
Have you ever wondered whether you were colorblind or just needed glasses, but you're not sure if an appointment with the eye doctor is warranted? Well, with the Vision Test App, all you need is your phone to know if you need to start trying on frames.
Armed Beasts — Free App of the Day
Yesterday it was monsters cats, today it's armed beasts! What's the animal world coming to? It's you versus an armada of alien invaders as you try and free the mystical creatures from their attackers. It's Armed Beasts, our free app of the day!