Sunny Hillride — Free App of the Day
It's vacation time! Pile the family into the old station wagon and hit the road for a wild and wacky journey in Sunny Hillride. But things aren't just full of bright rays in this game. Race and jump across all kinds of landscapes, including forests, deserts, snowy mountains and beautiful m…
Sliding Sam — Free App of the Day
If Morgan Freeman has taught us anything, it's that penguins are supposed to march everywhere. But don't tell that to Sam the Penguin! This little guy prefers to slide. And he needs your help to do so. Give him a hand in Sliding Sam -- today's Free App of the Day!
Endless Road — Free App of the Day
Put the pedal to the metal and drive along a landscape that builds itself right before your eyes. Playing Endless Road will make you feel like the world is changing itself just for you. Well, that's because it is! Nab a copy of Endless Road -- today's Free App of the Day!
EPOCH — Free App of the Day
EPOCH is one of the most visually impressive titles you can play on iOS. It will normally run you around five bucks, but today and for a limited time, you can get it for free! Take advantage of this opportunity and nab EPOCH -- today's Free App of the Day!
The Blocks Cometh — Free App of the Day
The old-school loving video game minds over at Halfbot created The Blocks Cometh a couple of years ago. Since then, it's pleased the thumbs of many appreciators of solid platform action. It doesn't go on sale all that often, so take advantage of this great opp…
Wonderputt — Free App of the Day
Golf season is underway right now and it's time to get in the groove with Wonderputt. No matter how good your swing is, everyone needs to improve their putting. But Wonderputt does more than just helping you work on your golf game. This game is about how the world works. Intrigued? Than check o…
Wraithborne — Free App of the Day
Magic has returned to the world and it changed everything. Now humanity's only hope is you! Also, it helps that you're a dude named Wraithborne and a magic-wielding badass. Wraithborne is today's Free App of the Day!
Mini Ninjas — Free App of the Day
Square Enix's Mini Ninjas was previously released in 2009 for all other major platforms, but now has a home on iOS as well. And you can get it for free! Considering the price point of most games on iOS from Square Enix, this is definitely more than a bargain...
Lumi HD — Free App of the Day
Foundation Games has created something quite beautiful with Lumi. Not only is it nice to look at with its lush, watercolor art style, but it's also a great blend of different platforming and puzzle game elements. Lumi HD will usually set you back around five bucks, but now you can get it for fr…
Bobbing — Free App of the Day
Take the quick, addictive gameplay of Super Hexagon, put it in a blender with the anti-gravity suit from Jetpack Joyride and other games like Contre Jour and a few cute Chillingo puzzlers. What do you end up with? Bobbing. Oh, and throw in some pulse-pounding music as well. All that makes Bobbi…

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