13 Penguin GIFs and Photos to Brighten Your Day
Last week we introduced you to the phenomenon that is hedgehog GIFs. It’s a simple yet totally effective concept when it comes to cheering up. But have you yet discovered the power of the penguin? These tiny nuggets of adorable are equally fantastic day brighteners, simply because pe…
Mystery Creature Washes Ashore in Wales
Peter Bailey, 27, was taking his dog for her evening walk along the beach in Tenby, Wales, when he came across this unusual sight. He snapped some pictures of it, because he had no idea what it is, and now it has earned the name The Beast of Tenby.
New Gross Research Reveals Alligators Have a Permanent Woody
You probably didn’t know this (and if you did, you're kind of gross maybe) but unlike many other reptiles and mammals, alligators crawl around all day with a fully erect pecker tucked inside their body, which engages like a sexual switchblade (great band name) when it comes time…
The Adorable “War Cry” of the Namaqua Rain Frog
Supposedly this is the war cry of the Namaqua Rain Frog, but honestly, it's not very intimidating. It seems to be more of a "cry for help" cry, the kind you make when things are about to turn ugly. Then again, we don't know how anything could be as ugly as this frog...

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