15 Frightening Facts About Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’
Alien is now widely considered to be one of the best sci-fi/horror films ever made, but originally Fox didn't want to make it. In fact, it was only the success of another one of the biggest sci-fi films of all-time — Star Wars — that convinced the studio to give director Ridley Sc…
Science Could Be Close to Mapping Out Alien Worlds
Scientists are making revolutionary advancements in how they study alien planets. Recently, astronomers discovered that they could use the process of reflecting starlight in order to create composite maps of unknown worlds that would enable them to define pertinent aspects of planetary life, such as…
65 Years After Roswell, Do You Believe in Aliens?
The date was July 8th, 1947 when some form of ‘crash’, in Roswell, New Mexico, ignited chatter about UFOs and Aliens. Some believe in them, some don’t. Regardless, that date marks the launch of Alien fever in our nation.