Country Artists Remember on 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Anniversary
It's been 12 years since two planes hit the World Trade Center towers in New York City and a third crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Today, on 9/11, country stars like Josh Turner, Trisha Yearwood and Rodney Atkins are united in taking a moment to remember the victims of those terrorist a…
What I Remember About 9/11, And How That Day Changed Me
After I was asked to give a summary of what September 11th, 2001 was like for me, I thought I'd share my thoughts and be done with it. But that wasn't the case at all. That day is - as for many of you - one I will never forget, and a day that brought out emotions in me that I will take with me forev…
9/11 One of the Saddest Days in My Life I Will Never Forget
Every year when 9/11 comes around I find myself day dreaming a lot, it's like I'm in second grade all over again just sitting there motionless and wishing I had the power to redo that day over again and be a real American Hero and save everyone. You know, like that book 'The Secret Life of Walter Mi…
Randy Travis’ 911 Call Hits the Web
The 911 call made to Texas dispatchers after a passerby found an unclothed Randy Travis on the side of the road has surfaced on the internet. It’s the latest development in the scandal surrounding the troubled country music superstar, who was arrested late Tuesday night (August 7).
Woman Breaks Hip in Hospital Lobby, Told to Call 911
If you’re going to fall and hurt yourself, you might think a hospital lobby is a pretty lucky place to do it. After all, the building does house doctors and nurses who can tend to you right away.
That’s what 82-year-old Doreen Wallace thought. But she was wrong.

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