Seems the price of everything keeps going up.  I just got back from vacation and I can tell you the price of gas is  out-of-hand.  Food prices keep rising too and it's that price hike that made one man so mad he decided he would pull a gun on the Taco Bell staff.  This all happened at a Taco Bell in San Antonio.  A Beefy Crunch burrito had been sold at a promotional price of .99 cents the price had increased to $1.49 and that put this man over the top.  He pulled a BB gun on the staff and patrons in the restaurant.  He left the restaurant and went to his car where he pulled out an assault rifle, the manager locked the doors fearing the mans return and called the police.  When the police showed up the man held them at bay for 3 hours before they used tear gas to apprehend him.  He now faces 3 counts of attempted capital murder.

The moral of this story is that you might want to think about the consequences of your actions before you decide you don't want to pay the  extra .50 cents for your burrito.  Moron!!