Students at a preschool in Stockholm,  Sweden are no longer referred to as "him" or "her" just "friend".

In an effort to remove gender bias the school is teaching that kids should not be referred to as boys and girls.When is enough going to be enough?  Now it's a bad thing to be called a boy/girl, or him/her when that is what you are?  They want these kids to be  whoever they want to be.

They believe that boys are given an unfair advantage in life therefore the public schools are now hiring "gender pedagogues" to help teach staff about language and behaviors that could stereotype.

For example they will put building blocks next to the play kitchen so that boys and girls are separated and believe that one or the other is only for a particular sex.

Their book shelves only contain books that focus on adoption, homosexual couples and single parent families, no fairy tale books are allowed.

In fact they have even made up a word that is gender neutral "hen".  In Sweden "him" is "han" and "her" is "hon".  That way the staff uses the word "hen" and the children can imagine a man or a woman.

Really people.  You are making growing up in this world way harder than it should be in my opinion.  These are little kids just let them be little.  You have them worrying about things that probably don't even make sense to them at this age.  I have no problem with boys playing with dolls or girls playing football, but don't force this stuff on them.  Just let them be kids for awhile.  They will be initiated into the real world soon enough.