We all have our favorite football foods but it seems like during the Super Bowl we have a Super Menu to match. From chips and dips, special appetizers to all out feasts for the day. Here are a few foods that generally make the Super Menu and maybe a few new ones you haven't tried.

Bacon wrapped cream cheese jalapenos always seem to make the favorites list. If you don't know how to make them it's super easy. Cut a jalapeno in half length wise, de-seed, fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon and grill til bacon is crispy! Easy and delicious. Actually if you bacon wrap ANYTHING it's guaranteed to be a hit. Such as dove bites: filet the breast of the dove, add a strip of onion and jalapeno, wrap with bacon and grill. You can also do this with shrimp, duck or any other meat you desire. Creativity gets you bonus points.

WINGS make the list as one of the most popular Super Bowl foods, up there with the jalapenos and guacamole. Now you can do bone in or boneless wings with pretty much any sauce you can think of, I personally like mine spicy but not flaming hot. There are many more foods to come so you don't want to burn your taste buds off! You can, of course, buy your wings from a restaurant or you can do them yourself. There are a ton of recipes out there and many can be found on one of my favorite recipe websites, Allrecipes.com.

So this year we are doing crab legs and shrimp. Which seems to be another popular fare for gameday parties along with crawfish. Now I don't like any of these foods, so I'll be having a PB & J or something! There are so many ways to fix all of these, but we are simply steaming the crab legs and boiling the shrimp in Old Bay spices. I know quite a few peeps having etoufee. Of course, you could do chowders, quesadillas, pastas, ceviche, again it's wide open to creativity on your part. For sides you can always add some grilled veggies such as corn on the cob, broccoflower (it's really good) or asparagus.

Well, you have some main dish ideas now what about dessert? I have found more dessert recipes than I need to lately!! One that may or may not be tried this Super Bowl is Baked S'mores. You can find the recipe on The Apron Gal website.