Sunday is my t.v. watching day, usually there isn't much on so I head to the upper channels where reality, documentary or movies might catch my eye.  Today I found a show about storm surfers from New Zealand. These guys are absolutely crazy, in my opinion, however, others may see them as genius heroes doing what they wished they could do.Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll are two super surfers with many titles under their belts.  They watch

storms coming into the coastal areas, track them, find out where the biggest storm surge will come in; then they head out to surf the biggest waves they can find.

They've surfed the tip of Africa, a typhoon heading toward Japan, and anywhere else they can find big waves.

So how do they find these big waves?  They have a meteorologist/surf forecaster, Ben Matson, that does the hard work for them.  He uses the latest technology to track and find storms that will produce the huge waves the guys love to surf.


Check out this video of the two as they head out to storm surf where ever they find the big waves. Notice how small they look when surfing, they look like little ants compared to the waves!

I'm not a surfer, therefore I think these guys are crazy but I'm guessing anyone who surfs would love to be in there shoes.

You can find out more about these guys on their website or on the Discovery Channel.