One Sunday afternoon in October, 2011, NFL Hall Of Fame quarterback, Steve Young, sat down to have a quite lunch with his family. That's what Steve thought, when all of a sudden one woman approaches him and begs him for his autograph. By the way the autograph seeker is a really good actress and she played it up really well. As you'll see in the video Steve Young was really surprised by all the fuss everyone was making over him. He was rendered speechless.



Young was really surprised that his wife and children who all knew what was about to happen had kept a secret and never cracked a smile. The flash mob danced and sang to the tune of "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth Wind and Fire and then sang "Happy Birthday" to Steve. As quickly as the flash mod assembled the they dispersed just as fast leaving the sidewalk cafe' where they were eating peaceful once again. The ESPN, NFL Analyst and Hall of Fame QB Young said this made him feel special and emotional. Can we say quarterback sack.