With budgets being cut and school districts taking a big hit more and more. It's not enough, it seems, to cut programs like music and physical education now they want to cram a 5 day week into 4.

Over 120 school districts across the U.S. now have 4 day school weeks. One Oregon district is the latest to try the change and some are not so happy about it, including the kids.

Even though the kids have only a 4 day week the teachers still have to go on Friday, as a planning day. The days are extended as well, so you really aren't losing any time. It will just be crammed into longer days.

One school that has been on a 4 day week for a year now says, moral and grades/test scores have improved. However, it may cause a hardship on some families, especially single parent and families where both parents work because of extra child care expenses.

This has been debated and tried in the 30's and 70's and is now resurfacing more and more as economic stresses increase on school districts.

I personally don't see how this saves any money for districts. You're teachers are on salary, they have to show up no matter what the work week length. The days are extended in order to make up the lost day so what really is the difference, except to create a problem for working parents?