Our soldiers are coming home from Iraq but many have been wounded and don't really have functionable homes to fit their needs. Many have been injured are permanently in wheelchairs or just can't get around in the homes they had before they left. That's where the organization "Building Homes for Heroes" comes into the picture.

Sgt. Joel Tavera was wounded in Iraq when his company was hit by rockets. He's undergone 75 surgeries over 4 years and has special needs to make his life easier.

A special home was built for Joel and he got that heroes welcome he deserved. When leaving the hospital he was lead by a caravan of police, fire, and military vehicles and vets and supporters lining the streets. More than 1,000 folks from his new neighborhood also showed up to greet him.

When asked what he wanted, his response was " a private gated community and therapy from his backyard." What he got was even better. The home took 5 months to complete, workers never having a day off. The home is 4,200 sq. ft. and equipped for Joel and his injuries.

Every soldier should be able to get the home of their dreams, they've sacrificed so much for all of us!