We now Snooki as the over the top "Jersey Shores" girl and Anderson Cooper as the more mild mannered journalist right? So what happens when Snooki meets Anderson for a spray tan date?

Nicole Polizzi or Snooki as she's more commonly known appeared on Anderson Coopers new show simply called "Anderson". In this episode Snooki meets Anderson at a spray tanning salon to get their tans done.

Snooki also sneaks in a teeth whitening as well. Anderson on the other hand waits patiently in hallway until she's done. Then they head across the hall where Anderson gets a few muscle definitions painted on, then gets a spray tan.


He shows us the immediate difference in his normal color vs. the tan. I know exactly how he feels, I've done the tans before and looked the same way!! Snooki is actually a little surprised to see that Anderson actually has a few muscles of his own, although they aren't quite up to that of "The Situation".