After hearing that Six Market Blvd., one of my favorite Texas music bands, were calling it quits, my heart sank. My first words were "There's so much talent in that band. What a shame". But then I learned the story behind the SMB hiatus, and my attitude about the breakup has completely changed.

In this video, Landua explains the reason for walking away from a successful band, even as it continued to reach higher levels of success. He says, "I just realized something's got to change, and it's gonna have to be more of the Lord in my life, and a lot less of what's going on right now.". Clayton describes his behavior and the lifestyle he created for himself while in Six Market, and he finally reached a point where he - as a Christian - couldn't continue on that path. Check out the video:

Now that I have the full story, I feel a lot better about Six Market Blvd. breaking up. While the future of the band is up in the air, you can't help but think that Clayton will continue to make great music in some form.

I hope you join me in wishing Clayton and the rest of Six Market Blvd. all the best in the future - whatever it holds for each of them.