Texas music is loaded with hard-working singer/songwriters who are currently in the stage of their career where they are trying to be heard. Getting the word out about their music can be a long, uphill climb for these artists. Scott Sturgeon is currently on that climb, and stopped by for a visit.

In our interview, Sturgeon talked about how his love of music came about. Interestingly enough, it was sparked from being in trouble a lot as a kid. Scott explains, "When I was a kid, I was grounded a lot, and we had a baby grand piano in the house, and since I was always stuck in the house, I just would go to the piano and just started making noise on it. And the noise actually started making sense one day.". He actually started out in a heavy metal band for three years before moving into the country music genre. In the first part of our interview, Sturgeon discusses how quickly his first single was written, and why he decided to make it his first radio release:

Take a listen to the Scott Sturgeon Band's first radio single, 'When I Fall'. Can you believe it took him 3 minutes to write?

We talked about what Scott Sturgeon wants to to with his music, and whether he has any goals set. He told us, "I'm actually a 'fly by the seat of my pants' kinda guy anyway so start out with. Yo know, for me to tell you that I don't want to rule the world one day would be a lie, because I think everybody that picks up a guitar wants to do that, but that's too big of a deal for me. I just want to play music. That's it. And if people enjoy what I do, that's awesome.". Here's the second half of our interview:

We appreciate Scott paying us a visit, and look forward to Scott dropping by again and giving us updates. You can get in contact with the Scott Sturgeon Band on Facebook, and listen to music and get tour dates from his ReverbNation page.