Script, as my grandma used to call it, was something she loved.  I remember her telling me I had beautiful script and she wished she could write as pretty as my mom and I.  Should cursive writing be taught in our schools today? Or is it becoming obsolete?Handwriting is an art and an very much a part of an individual.  There are people who analyze handwriting as a career.

There used to be such an art to letter writing too.  You've seen or read, probably, some old love letters from grand or great-grand parents.  We've read letters from history that were not only eloquent but they had a style that you don't find anymore.  That's going to become even more true if school districts keep nixing the teaching of cursive writing to students.

With the new technology and computers there really isn't much need to teach writing anymore, or at least that's what they would have us believe.  I can see their point but I do not agree with it.

My brother, sister-in-law and I had this discussion the other nite.  My brother had no idea that schools were dropping handwriting from their curriculum.

Indiana has dropped the course, Georgia is looking at dropping.   I've read a lot of the forums on this subject and I guess I'm in the minority.  I believe we should teach cursive but it seems most only print these days, unless they are signing a check and feel it is/was a big waste of their time in school.

No matter, I will always use cursive and if I have children then I will take it upon myself to teach them to write in cursive if it is pulled from our schools.  I just think it is a skill you need, if not, so be it you will just have a skill no one else will possess.

What do you think? Should we teach cursive or is it a waste of time?