I found a website the other night that had some breast cancer awareness products that I really liked. When I started checking out the website it is an online activism site that gives back to great causes. In fact since 1999 they've given back $26 million dollars to charity so far.

The Greater Good Network has many sites under their umbrella. The sites include breast cancer, hunger, animal rescue, veterans, autism, child health, literacy and rainforest site. When you visit any of these sites a portion of your purchase goes back to that charity.

The sites feature items made by women from the U.S. but also from some of the poorest regions in the world. Those items from around the world are offered as part of the fair-trade agreement. The money they receive helps them provide for their families.

Each site has items ranging from t-shirts, shoes, jewelry, to handmade products geared toward your interest. I visited the breast cancer site and a portion of my purchase will fund mammograms for women in need.  I get a great product and provide someone with a simple test that could save their life.  I like that.

You can also give directly to a cause via their Gifts that Give More.  They are 100% tax deductible in the U.S. This online donation allows you to give to a direct cause like providing meals for the hungry, food for pet shelters,or rescuing girls from indentured servitude in 3rd world countries.

I just stumbled upon this network and wanted to share because they have great products at very reasonable prices and you can help others while simply shopping online.  I bought a ring and a pair of water shoes and I love both, I will be purchasing more items from this site.